Reichel Broussard is the creative mastermind behind the delightfully resourceful site, Copy Cat Chic. Queen of fab looks for less, Reichel doles out fabulous tips on how to get the design looks you want, for considerably less money. And we say Amen! to that. Copy Cat Chic started when Reichel and her husband bought their first house in the (pricey) Bay Area and were tasked with the challenge to outfit their new home without completely breaking the bank, making Copy Cat Chic near and dear to her heart (and ours)! For Dot & Bo, Reichel chose some of her favorite accessories that can give any room a little lift at the perfect price point. Read on for Reichel’s design Q&A with us, and check out her chic and cheap choices on our site! 

What is your design aesthetic? I’m a mix of vintage, classic and country. I love Ralph Lauren and equestrian style.

Where do you get your design inspiration from? Most of my inspiration comes from daily life. I’ve been inspired by the homes I’ve lived in as well the activities I do on a regular basis. My love of horses has directly transitioned to my home design aesthetic. And of course there’s Pinterest and blog surfing that keeps me in touch with what’s trending now.

What current projects are you working on? I’m currently on maternity leave from most client work, but that doesn’t stop me from updating my own home. I’m working on the master bathroom and guest room. I’m also helping a client update her kitchen. Fun!

Reichel’s Picks: Chariot Alarm ClockBathroom Door SignsVictoria BasketsSepulveda Containers 

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